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Online Flower Delivery Review

Why Should I Use Online Flower Delivery Services?

The top performers in our review are 1-800-Flowers.com, the Gold Award winner; FTD Flowers, the Silver Award winner; and ProFlowers, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a service to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of these 10 services.

Why Use Online Flower Delivery Services?

If you want to bring a smile to someone's face, a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers is sure to do the job. Ordering flowers online can make all kinds of good things happen whether you are celebrating someone's birthday, noting an anniversary, congratulating somebody on a promotion, observing a holiday or just being a caring friend.

Unlike other gifts, buying this one is a snap with online flower delivery services. With just a tap of the screen or click of the mouse, your splendid bouquet is on its way to cheer someone up and let your recipient know you care. Perhaps the hardest part is actually making a selection from the abundance of online flowers.

All the online flower firms in our product lineup provide next-day delivery weekdays in most areas of the U.S. In one or two cases, placing an order late Sunday evening might require a Tuesday delivery instead of Monday.

However, there are online floral delivery companies that offer flower deliveries each weekday and on Saturday and Sunday as well as a benefit for customers. Many offer same day-service, which is a real boon for many consumers. It is typical for very short-notice flower deliveries to depend on the time you place the order and might cost more for the expedited efforts and the shipping costs. You might also have a somewhat more limited selection of bouquets if you are ordering flowers to be delivered very quickly.

One thing to be aware of should you opt for a service that sends cut flowers that you arrange yourself is that it takes a couple of days for the buds to unfurl into blossoms. Some online flower delivery services allow you to substitute different flowers or customize a bouquet.

Not surprisingly, different online flower delivery companies conduct their businesses differently. Most can send flowers directly but also have business agreements with a network of local florists to serve a wide-ranging audience. Some firms in our product lineup are affiliated with each other. For example, 1-800-Flowers.com acquired Harry & David, FTD recently acquired ProFlowers, and KaBloom has a business arrangement with Teleflora. However, ProFlowers, Harry & David and KaBloom still operate as independent entities.

In addition, different services use different approaches as far as getting flowers into your hands. ProFlowers sends its floral arrangements in a box with a carefully wrapped damp sponge at the bottom of the stems to keep blossoms fresh. You arrange the flowers yourself. However, if you want to send a prearranged bouquet, you can still do that using ProFlowers because its sister company, FloristExpress, contracts with local florists who can handle the arrangements for you.

Two services on our lineup do not work with local florists: Harry & David uses select vendors to create finished bouquets for you while Flowerbud ships its flowers in boxes, which you arrange in a vase yourself. These two companies use overnight delivery to ship blossoms to you.

Check out our online flower delivery reviews to find the best company for you. For more information, take a look at our articles about online flower delivery services.

Online Flower Delivery: What We Evaluated, What We Found

In our search for top-ranked online flower delivery entities, we looked for companies that offer a wide variety of products, services and community-related features. We wanted firms that deliver a first-class experience for all your floral gift needs.

Many factors contribute to a good online flower delivery service: product selection, comprehensive and speedy customer support, delivery tracking, and even the company's commitment to ecological and fair trade issues. These are all important components of a superior online flower delivery service.

Flower arrangements range from a bundle of cut flowers, loosely gathered and shipped via a delivery service for you to place in a vase, to flowers already arranged in a vase and brought to your door by a local florist.

Perhaps one of the most significant features of an online flower service is variety, and we looked for companies that offer reasonable-to-exceptional selections of different kinds of flowers and arrangement styles. Whether you are looking at same-day flower delivery or a systematic plan to send monthly or weekly floral gifts, it is always great to have an abundant selection.

Many sites offer special-occasion flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, funerals and "just because." Corporations often send floral gifts to employees or other firms. If you don't favor traditional floral bouquets, you might prefer to send a live green plant, a bonsai plant or exotic flowers such as orchids or dish gardens with cacti.

In addition, we sought out companies that offer a variety of non-floral offerings. Many online flower delivery companies have branched out to offer customers a number of gift choices, including balloons and seasonal presents like summer BBQ tools and jewelry.

Gift baskets are popular, with many firms presenting such things as gourmet chocolates, wines, cheeses, crackers, coffees and teas. Some even sell spa baskets filled with plenty of health and beauty items to make the intended recipient feel appreciated. For other gift basket ideas, take a look at our gift baskets site.

Harry & David, which was recently acquired by 1-800-Flowers.com, began as a fresh fruit and food gift firm and now has branched into offering a slightly limited but attractive selection of flowers and plants along with other treats. Teleflora, which also is part of our product line-up, specializes in offering "Flowers in a Gift," which means the recipient gets a keepsake vase or other container along with the blossoms.

Customer Service
A first-rate online flower delivery service makes it easy to order online or by phone and can answer your questions quickly and courteously. If you have ever forgotten a birthday or anniversary, you will no doubt appreciate an online flower delivery firm that sends electronic reminders so that it doesn't happen again. In addition, it's always nice to have customer loyalty programs that let you accumulate points for discounts as well as other opportunities for sales and special offerings. Mobile apps also give you considerable convenience.

Ordering & Delivery
If an online flower delivery service doesn't deliver to the area you need to send flowers to, it's not going to matter whether or not the provider has a great product selection. All the sites we reviewed deliver within the continental United States, and most also deliver within Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. Some sites offer international flower delivery for an additional cost.

Eco & Charitable Features
Many online flower delivery services prominently feature eco-friendly plants and flowers. Some have Veriflora designation, which means the flower delivery service sells only products cultivated under stringent sustainability standards. Some also have the Fair Trade designation, which means the service sells products that meet various standards of sustainability, labor and development.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

Our top three choices provide a full array of ordering and delivery services and eco and charitable efforts.

1-800-Flowers.com presents an extensive selection of flowers and gifts, including the ability to customize a bouquet, a service only a few online flower delivery services offer. FTD Flowers also features a full roster of flowers and presents and, unlike many services, can provide substitutions in arrangements. ProFlowers has developed five other brands to offer enough gifts to please even someone who seemingly has everything.

First-rate flowers, great gifts and spot-on service define the best online flower delivery services. Check out our reviews to find the best online flowers for you and your loved ones.